Meatball Song By Hans Eilser

Berlin In Lights By Kurt Weil

Ballad of a Jew’s whore By Hans Eisler

German Mother’s Song By Kurt Weil

Terezin Cabarat Songs

Tahquitz Installation featured on NPR’s California Report


Four channel sound installation at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. Created with Lewis de Soto. The piece is located in a long fire exit corridor in the art center. Light is reduced to a minimum; a small round aperture lets in deep blue colored light. Four speakers are mounted to the ceiling. Each speaker plays a stanza of a poem by Hermann Hesse, an extract from his book, “The Glass Bead Game,” published in 1943. The poem refers to the lamentable fact that humans are not fixed in nature, but rather are subject to constant change and turmoil. Each stanza is broadcast at random intervals so that the sound is also constantly changing in texture.


Two part installation at Wave Hill, Bronx, New York. The piece depicted is the outdoor work with Erin Neff singing the latin names of the birds that frequent the park. Pre-recorded sections are played at random time intervals and broadcast via loudspeakers within the park.